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Greenleaf Oil Refill, Scent Options

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Our reed diffuser replacement oil can be added to your Greenleaf reed diffuser as needed to refresh your favorite fragrance.

Cashmere's kiss is bound by passion and romance. Stirring citrus accords tenderly fold into fields of jasmine and rose. A rich finish of vanilla, patchouli, and musk seal the fragrance with a kiss of elegance.
 Simply add this oil to your existing reed diffuser vase when the fragrance needs to be refreshed.
Cashmere Kiss: Floral, citrus, jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli, musk.


Citron Sol is clean, radiant, and unbelievably fresh, citron sol makes you feel like you're strolling through a citrus grove on a bright, sunny day. a refreshing twist of lime, mandarin, and bergamot gently pours into an herbal bouquet of basil and thyme.
This beautiful breeze is then rounded out with warm, spicy notes of patchouli and vetiver.
Citron sol.: Fresh & clean. Mandarin, lemon-lime, basil.


Guava Gloss, Pops of mandarin and grapefruit blended with coconut create the ultimate tropical escape in a bright fragrance. Guava Gloss gives all the feels of a never-ending summer!


Haven is as revitalizing as a breath of salty beach air, the haven awakens and rejuvenates with fresh notes of seashore breeze enriched with floral qualities of lavender and jasmine. Whispers of woody amber and sweet musk signal the onset of the ultimate escape.
Haven: Fresh & clean, beach air, lavender, jasmine, amber, sweet musk.


Grandiflora is a sophisticated blend of grapefruit and rhubarb, sweetened with orange blossom and wrapped with sandalwood, will make you fall head over heels in love with this regal, refined, and truly grand fragrance.


Orange & Honey is revitalizing through and through, orange & honey land the senses amidst a picturesque orange grove where clusters of nature's candy gleam in ripened glory. Zesty citrus fuses with golden honey for an unbeatable combination.
Orange & Honey: Fruit & vine, orange, honey.


Peony Bloom is exhilaratingly romantic, peony bloom is a flourishing of bergamot, grass leaves, and rhubarb. A floral fancy of red rose, tulip, and hyacinth gives way to a woody oak foundation. The formulation results in a total immersion of blossoming brilliancy.
Peony Bloom: Floral, bergamot, grass, rhubarb, floral, woody oak.


Bella Freesia, Freesia bouquets and delicate white tea flutter into citrus accords of tangerine and bergamot, while puffs of cotton blossom float on aromatic pools of amber to create one of our most-loved floral scents, Bella freesia.
Bella Freesia: floral, freesia blooms, white tea, citrus, amber.

Greenleaf Oil Refill, Scent Options
Greenleaf Oil Refill, Scent Options Sale price$24.00