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9' Kentia Palm Tree
9' Kentia Palm Tree Sale price$446.00
6' UV Treated Travelers Palm
45" ZZ Plant
45" ZZ Plant Sale price$249.00
Sold outBoxwood Cone and Ball TopiaryBoxwood Cone and Ball Topiary
23" Phalaenopsis Drop-In
23" Phalaenopsis Drop-In Sale price$149.00
Moss Round Wood Bowl
Moss Round Wood Bowl Sale price$129.00
Sold outBoxwood Cone Topiary in UrnBoxwood Cone Topiary in Urn
Boxwood Cone Topiary in Urn Sale price$129.00
Faux ZZ Plant in Pot, Size OptionsFaux ZZ Plant in Pot, Size Options
Faux ZZ Plant in Pot, Size Options Sale priceFrom $111.00
17.5" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
Bouquet Spring, X-Large
Bouquet Spring, X-Large Sale price$86.00
48" Asparagus Teardrop
48" Asparagus Teardrop Sale price$73.00
Hellebores 16" Arrangement in Glass UrnHellebores 16" Arrangement in Glass Urn

1 color available

Oval Twig and Fern Wreath, Mixed Ferns
Moss Petite Wooden Dish
Moss Petite Wooden Dish Sale price$55.00
29.5" Green Spring Grass Hanging UV Protected29.5" Green Spring Grass Hanging UV Protected
Artificial Sage Bush In a Square Pot
24" Flocked Sage Cone Topiary
Save $17.0014" Cherry Blossom in Glass, White
14" Cherry Blossom in Glass, White Sale price$46.00 Regular price$63.00
Bouquet Every Day Trendy
Bouquet Every Day Trendy Sale price$46.00
12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot, Grey/Green
12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
14"H Potted Fern, Assorted Styles
11" Pampas Grass in Glass Vase, Cream Pink
21" Boxwood Cone Topiary in Clay Pot
Mood Moss PreservedMood Moss Preserved
Mood Moss Preserved Sale price$36.00
16" Boxwood Half Ball, Green
Mood Moss Bag
Mood Moss Bag Sale price$35.00
6.5" Mixed Foliage Accent Ring6.5" Mixed Foliage Accent Ring
Berry Twig with Leaves Spray
13" Tulip in Glass Vase
13" Tulip in Glass Vase Sale price$34.00
Faux Orchid Stem
Faux Orchid Stem Sale price$33.99
Leafy Foliage Spray
Leafy Foliage Spray Sale price$33.00
Sold outSave $14.1015" Flocked Sage Ball in Urn
15" Flocked Sage Ball in Urn Sale price$32.90 Regular price$47.00
Save $13.20MossWeave Round Hanging Basket, Wicker Rim
MossWeave Round Hanging Basket, Wicker Rim Sale price$30.80 Regular price$44.00
14" Dahlia in Glass Vase, Coral
14" Forest Fern in Glass Vase, Green
Wildflower Orb
Wildflower Orb Sale price$28.00
Dusty Miller Candle RingDusty Miller Candle Ring
Dusty Miller Candle Ring Sale price$28.00
40" Fan Palm Bundle
40" Fan Palm Bundle Sale price$28.00
Save $11.40Leafy Foliage GarlandLeafy Foliage Garland
Leafy Foliage Garland Sale price$26.60 Regular price$38.00
Save $62.406' Cherry Blossom Garland
6' Cherry Blossom Garland Sale price$26.60 Regular price$89.00
Weeping Royal Fern BushWeeping Royal Fern Bush
Weeping Royal Fern Bush Sale price$26.00
13" Fern In Cement
13" Fern In Cement Sale price$26.00
Sold out22.5" Faux UV Coated Boxwood Bush22.5" Faux UV Coated Boxwood Bush
Sold outMoss Rocks, Bag of 12 Assorted
7" Textured Moss Orb
7" Textured Moss Orb Sale price$25.00
Potting Shed Fern, Style OptionsPotting Shed Fern, Style Options
22" Maidenhair Fern  Faux22" Maidenhair Fern  Faux
22" Maidenhair Fern Faux Sale price$24.00