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10" After Rain Candle Ring
10" Antique Pitcher
10" Antique Pitcher Sale price$52.00
10" FERN W/ ROOTED BALL Sale price$14.99
10" Shiloh Leaves Bush10" Shiloh Leaves Bush
10" Shiloh Leaves Bush Sale price$8.00
10" White Rounded Vase
10" White Rounded Vase Sale price$56.00
Sold out10.04" Terra Cotta Vase with Handles10.04" Terra Cotta Vase with Handles
10.5"H Tall Glass Bottle
10.5"H Tall Glass Bottle Sale price$36.00
100% That Bitch Iron On Patch
11" Black Pitcher
11" Black Pitcher Sale price$48.00
11" Eucalyptus in Cement Pot
11" Hops Candle Ring
11" Hops Candle Ring Sale price$15.00
11" Led Shiny Taper, Color Options, Remote11" Led Shiny Taper, Color Options, Remote

5 colors available

11" Pampas Grass in Glass Vase, Cream Pink
Sold out11"H Glass Vase11"H Glass Vase
11"H Glass Vase Sale price$31.00
11.25" Fat Jar
11.25" Fat Jar Sale price$48.00
11.25" Light Grey Green Glass Vase11.25" Light Grey Green Glass Vase
Save $18.9011.25"H Jug
11.25"H Jug Sale price$44.10 Regular price$63.00
Sold out11.8" Battery Operated Stacking Jack-O-Lantern With Light11.8" Battery Operated Stacking Jack-O-Lantern With Light
Sold out11.8" White Two Handle Jug Vase11.8" White Two Handle Jug Vase
12" Boston Fern, UV Protected
12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
Sold out12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot, Grey/Green
12" Green Fern Bush12" Green Fern Bush
12" Green Fern Bush Sale price$10.00
12" Ranunculus in Glass Vase, Salmon
12"H Glass Vase
12"H Glass Vase Sale price$79.00
Sold out12.8" Tall Matte Black Vase12.8" Tall Matte Black Vase
13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent
13" Cream Green Pick
13" Cream Green Pick Sale price$9.99
13" Fern In Cement
13" Fern In Cement Sale price$26.00
13" Tulip in Glass Vase
13" Tulip in Glass Vase Sale price$34.00
13"H Round Glass Bottle
13"H Round Glass Bottle Sale price$87.00
14" Bog Pimpernel Candle Ring
14" Collapsible Orb
14" Collapsible Orb Sale price$25.00
Sold out14" Dahlia in Glass Vase, Coral
14" Forest Fern in Glass Vase, Green
14"H Potted Fern, Assorted Styles
14.6" Natural Ceramic Vase
15" Baby's Breath Bush
15" Baby's Breath Bush Sale price$19.00
15" Maidenhair Fern in Basket
15" Maidenhair Fern in Glass Vase, Green
15" Sand Led Shiny Tapers
15" Sand Led Shiny Tapers Sale price$48.00
15.2" White Led Shiny Taper
Sold out16" Boxwood Half Ball, Green
16" Boxwood Topiary in Clay Pot
16" Sedum Stem, UV Protected
Sold out16.75"H Glass Vase16.75"H Glass Vase
16.75"H Glass Vase Sale price$44.00
16.9" Preserved Wheat Grass Standing Twig Natural
17" Fern Pick, UV Protected17" Fern Pick, UV Protected