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10" After Rain Candle Ring
10" Antique Pitcher
10" Antique Pitcher Sale price$52.00
10" Array Astilbe Half Sphere
10" Egg Candle Holder10" Egg Candle Holder
10" Egg Candle Holder Sale price$28.00
10" Glass Cloche with Wood Base
10" Mixed Succulent Bundle
10" Shiloh Leaves Bush10" Shiloh Leaves Bush
10" Shiloh Leaves Bush Sale price$8.00
10" White Ceramic Vase
10" White Ceramic Vase Sale price$43.00
10.04" Terra Cotta Vase with Handles10.04" Terra Cotta Vase with Handles
10.5" Natural Beaded Tray with Cloche
10.5"H Tall Glass Bottle
10.5"H Tall Glass Bottle Sale price$34.00
10.5"H Tall Glass Bottle
10.5"H Tall Glass Bottle Sale price$36.00
10.75" Distressed Black Rabbit Bust
10.75" Distressed Gold Leaf Rabbit Bust
11" Black Pitcher
11" Black Pitcher Sale price$48.00
11" Eucalyptus in Cement Pot
11" Fern Bundles - 3 Styles
11" Fern In Pot
11" Fern In Pot Sale price$21.00
11" Grey & White Pitcher
11" Grey & White Pitcher Sale price$78.00
11" Hops Candle Ring
11" Hops Candle Ring Sale price$15.00
11" Pampas Grass in Glass Vase, Cream Pink
Save $15.5011"H Glass Vase11"H Glass Vase
11"H Glass Vase Sale price$15.50 Regular price$31.00
11.25" Fat Jar
11.25" Fat Jar Sale price$48.00
11.25" Light Grey Green Glass Vase11.25" Light Grey Green Glass Vase
11.25"H Jug
11.25"H Jug Sale price$63.00
11.8" Mango Wood Pedestal
11.8" Mango Wood Pedestal Sale price$24.00
11.8" White Two Handle Jug Vase11.8" White Two Handle Jug Vase
12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot, Grey/Green
12" Green Fern Bush12" Green Fern Bush
12" Green Fern Bush Sale price$10.00
12" Sugared Bunny and Egg Candleholder
12"H Glass Vase
12"H Glass Vase Sale price$79.00
12.8" Tall Matte Black Vase12.8" Tall Matte Black Vase
13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent
13" Cream Green Pick
13" Cream Green Pick Sale price$9.99
13" Fern In Cement
13" Fern In Cement Sale price$26.00
13" Tulip in Glass Vase
13" Tulip in Glass Vase Sale price$34.00
Sold out13" Tulip in Glass Vase With Bulb, White
13"H Round Glass Bottle
13"H Round Glass Bottle Sale price$87.00
13.5" Jelly Bean Succulent
Sold outSave $28.0013.75" Light Grey Green Glass Vase13.75" Light Grey Green Glass Vase
13.75" Light Grey Green Glass Vase Sale price$28.00 Regular price$56.00
13.8" Mango Wood Riser with Feet
14" Bog Pimpernel Candle Ring
14" Cherry Blossom in Glass, White
14" Collapsible Orb
14" Collapsible Orb Sale price$25.00
14" Dahlia in Glass Vase, Coral
14" Forest Fern in Glass Vase, Green
14"H Potted Fern, Assorted Styles
14.6" Natural Ceramic Vase