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Cocktail Infusion Kit, Flavor Options

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It’s 5pm and you’ve got a whole lotta nothing planned—thank god. It’s time to turn off your notifications, grab your latest binge read, and make yourself a delicious cocktail.

Our DIY cocktail infusion kits include a 16 oz glass jar, custom filtering pour spout, pre-measured ingredients and an instructional booklet with our favorite cocktail recipes. Simply empty all ingredients into the jar, fill with ~16oz of liquor, seal tightly and let infuse for at least 3 days! Each kit will provide 7-8 cocktails and should be enjoyed within 30 days. Shelf life is 18 months and all kits are marked with a “best by” sticker.

Packaged in a facility that handles tree nuts, dairy products and soy.

Made in United States

Blackberry Basil- Juicy and sweet blackberries, tart and bright lemons, and garden-fresh basil.
Recommended Spirits: Vodka, Gin, Whiskey
Ingredients: Dehydrated blackberry, dehydrated lemon, dried basil

Mango Hibiscus- OOO. Those three happy letters stacked side-by-side signal freedom and sweet, sweet relief. This tangy, floral infusion will transport you to your happy place. Whether that’s the vibrant SoCal coast or simply that sacred sunny spot in your backyard, you’re out of office, baby. Ready to savor the tangy sweetness of mango and that antioxidant-packed tartness of hibiscus?
Recommended Spirits: Tequila, Rum, Vodka 
Ingredients: Dehydrated mango and dried hibiscus

Spiced Orange- Inspired by our favorite, the Old Fashioned, ease into the cozy familiar flavors of tangy oranges, warm cinnamon and clove. With the full-bodied flavors of this infusion, you don’t need to add much to it- a sugar cube, bitters and good company.
Recommended Spirits: Whiskey, bourbon
Ingredients: Dehydrated orange, cinnamon stick, clove

The Old Fashioned- Does it get more classic than the Old Fashioned?! This extra special infusion kit, named after our favorite night cap, is designed to infuse and pour straight on the rocks. And we're pretty damn excited about it. Angostura bitters-infused oranges (you read that right!), bing cherries and an oh-so-classic Demerara sugar cube combine for a match made in whiskey heaven.
Recommended Spirits: whiskey, tequila, rum 
Ingredients: Dehydrated Angostura bitter-infused oranges, dehydrated cherries, Demera sugar cube


Cocktail Infusion Kit, Flavor Options
Cocktail Infusion Kit, Flavor Options Sale price$21.75 Regular price$29.00