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Spring Arrivals

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10"  Dogwood Candle Ring, Cream
10" After Rain Candle Ring
10" Egg Candle Holder10" Egg Candle Holder
10" Egg Candle Holder Sale price$28.00
10" White Ceramic Vase
10" White Ceramic Vase Sale price$43.00
10" White Rounded Vase
10" White Rounded Vase Sale price$56.00
Sold out10.4" Solar Resin Frog
10.4" Solar Resin Frog Sale price$53.00
11" Fern In Pot
11" Fern In Pot Sale price$21.00
Sold out11.8" Mango Wood Pedestal
11.8" Mango Wood Pedestal Sale price$24.00
11.8" White Two Handle Jug Vase11.8" White Two Handle Jug Vase
12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot, Grey/Green
12" Ranunculus in Glass Vase, Salmon
12.8" Tall Matte Black Vase12.8" Tall Matte Black Vase
13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent
13" Cream Green Pick
13" Cream Green Pick Sale price$9.99
13" Fern In Cement
13" Fern In Cement Sale price$26.00
13" Tulip in Glass Vase
13" Tulip in Glass Vase Sale price$34.00
13"H Solar Lighted Resin Easter Bunny
14" Bog Pimpernel Candle Ring
14" Collapsible Orb
14" Collapsible Orb Sale price$25.00
14" Dahlia in Glass Vase, Coral
14" Forest Fern in Glass Vase, Green
14"H Potted Fern, Assorted Styles
14.6" Natural Ceramic Vase
15" Flocked Sage Ball in Urn
16" Boxwood Half Ball, Green
16" Confection Bunny on Cake, Style Options

2 colors available

16" Real Touch Tulip Bundle, Color Options16" Real Touch Tulip Bundle, Color Options

2 colors available

17.5" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
18" Teardrop Succulent Plant
Sold out19" Real Touch Light Blue Hydrangea Stem
19" UV Proof Natural Touch Ostrich Fern Bush
2" Bag of Easter Eggs2" Bag of Easter Eggs
2" Bag of Easter Eggs Sale price$12.00
2.25" Foam Eggs
2.25" Foam Eggs Sale price$22.99
20" Fresh Narrow Fern Bush
20" Peony in Glass Vase, White
Sold out20" Wood Bead & Easter Egg Pick
21" Boxwood Cone Topiary in Clay Pot
22" Astilbe Bush, Assorted Colors22" Astilbe Bush, Assorted Colors

2 colors available

22.8"h Solar Fireglow Lighted Bamboo Torch
Sold out23.5" Weathered Garden Finial
24" Easter Egg Tree24" Easter Egg Tree
24" Easter Egg Tree Sale price$48.00
24" Flocked Sage Cone Topiary
Sold out24" Loop and Knot Carrot Lumbar Pillow
26" UV Proof Natural Touch Fern Wreath
Sold out27" Vine Wall Basket
27" Vine Wall Basket Sale price$74.00
Sold out28" Cone Hydrangea Spray
28" Cone Hydrangea Spray Sale price$21.00
28" Framed Fern Wall Art, Style Options28" Framed Fern Wall Art, Style Options
29" Nigella Spray, Color Options29" Nigella Spray, Color Options

2 colors available

29.5" Heart Twig Bundle, Red