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Spring Arrivals

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10" After Rain Candle Ring
Sold out10" White Rounded Vase
10" White Rounded Vase Sale price$56.00
Sold out12" Boston Fern, UV Protected
Sold out12" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
12" Ranunculus in Glass Vase, Salmon
Sold out13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent13" Clear Bottle with Jute Accent
14" Collapsible Orb
14" Collapsible Orb Sale price$25.00
14" Forest Fern in Glass Vase, Green
14"H Potted Fern, Assorted Styles
15" Baby's Breath Bush
15" Baby's Breath Bush Sale price$19.00
15" Maidenhair Fern in Basket
15" Maidenhair Fern in Glass Vase, Green
Sold out16" Boxwood Topiary in Clay Pot
Sold out17" Mint Leaf Spray17" Mint Leaf Spray
17" Mint Leaf Spray Sale price$6.00
17" Purple Real Touch Lily of The Valley Bundle
17"H Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball In Pot With Light
17.5" Boxwood Ball in Clay Pot
18" Teardrop Succulent Plant
Sold out19" Thistle Bundle, Pink
19" Thistle Bundle, Pink Sale price$9.00
Sold out20" Fresh Narrow Fern Bush
Sold out20" Mini Fittonia Hanging Bush
21" Bells of Ireland Bush
21" Bells of Ireland Bush Sale price$24.00
21" Hydrangea Spray, Color Options21" Hydrangea Spray, Color Options

3 colors available

Sold out22" Fig Tree Branch
22" Fig Tree Branch Sale price$24.00
Sold out22.8"h Solar Fireglow Lighted Bamboo Torch
25" UV Protected Coleus Hanging Bush
27" Fig Spray, Green
27" Fig Spray, Green Sale price$16.00
28" One-Piece Ivy Hanging Bush
Sold out29.5" Green Spring Grass Hanging UV Protected29.5" Green Spring Grass Hanging UV Protected
29.5" Heart Twig Bundle, Red
3"x5" Outdoor LED Candle3"x5" Outdoor LED Candle
3"x5" Outdoor LED Candle Sale price$29.00

3 colors available

Sold out30.5" Looped Tray
30.5" Looped Tray Sale price$126.00
31" Apple Spray, Green
31" Apple Spray, Green Sale price$18.00
31" Blackberry Spray
31" Blackberry Spray Sale price$29.00
32" Palm Branch Stem
32" Palm Branch Stem Sale price$19.99
33" Fig Fruit Branch
33" Fig Fruit Branch Sale price$22.00
33.5" Wild Berry Spray
33.5" Wild Berry Spray Sale price$12.00
34" Green Apple Branch
34" Green Apple Branch Sale price$36.00
35" Fern Branch
35" Fern Branch Sale price$11.00
35.8" Natural Touch Phalaenopsis Orchid, Natural Touch
36" Lace Fern Bush
36" Lace Fern Bush Sale price$64.00
36" Large Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray
36" Moss Twig Branch
36" Moss Twig Branch Sale price$18.00
36" Poppy Pod Spray, Green
Sold out38" Greening Willow Twig Spray
4" Distressed Gray Resin Bird
4.7" Lemon Vase
4.7" Lemon Vase Sale price$12.99
40" Delphinium Spray, Color Options40" Delphinium Spray, Color Options

2 colors available

40" Fan Palm Bundle
40" Fan Palm Bundle Sale price$28.00
51" Foxtail Lily Spray
51" Foxtail Lily Spray Sale price$28.00