Slumberkins, Character +Story Options


Bigfoot Kin + Lesson Book - Bigfoot Copes With Hurt Feelings: A Lesson in Self-Esteem

Yak Kin + Lesson Book - Yak Struggles With Mistakes: A Lesson In Self Acceptance

Ivory Sprite Kin + Lesson Book - Sprite Offers Comfort: A Lesson in Grief and Loss

Unicorn Kin + Lesson Book - Unicorn Dares to be Unique: A Lesson in Authenticity

Sloth Kin + Lesson Book - Sloth's Learns To Slumber: A Lesson in Routines

Alpaca Kin + Lesson Book - Alpaca Holds Your Worries: A Lesson in Stress Relief

Honey Bear Kin + Lesson Book - Honey Bear's Gifts Of Nature: A Lesson in Gratitude

Narwhal Kin + Lesson Book - Narwhal Uses Teamwork: A Lesson in Growth Mindset


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