Cocktail Mixer Infused Ice Cubes- Flavor Options


Do away with endless measuring, searching for ingredients & complicated recipes. Shake or stir one cube with a shot of the spirit of your choice to make your own perfectly crafted cocktail.


Simply add Tequila or Vodka

Cucumber & Watermelon Margarita with Clover Honey & Thyme


Simply add Vodka or Rum

Peach Cosmopolitan with Benedictine-Inspired Herbs & Artisanal Bitters


Simply add Bourbon or Rye

Blood Orange-Ginger Old Fashioned


Simply add Gin or Whiskey

An Unclassic Negroni with Wormwood Extracts

Born in Firenze, Italy in 1919, the Negroni bears the name of Count Camillo Negroni who mixed his Italian heritage with a fondness for gin acquired in London to create one of the world’s most perfect cocktails. Herb & Lou’s version integrates Campari’s bitter aroma of herbs and spicy cherry-orange flavor with the sweet tang of London Dry Gin. That convergence is amplified, enriched and modernized by a strong focus on the fundamental Wormwood characteristics of Torino (red) vermouth. Additional extractives soften and invigorate as they generate a distinctive experience certain to conjure the Count’s original delight at his creation.

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