Candle Care Kit With Electric Lighter


A 4 Piece luxury candle care kit, the ultimate gift for the candle lover.

- Candle Wick Trimmer: Quickly and easily trims wicks to the optimum 1/4 inch length. Snips cleanly & wick debris falls into the catcher

- Candle Snuffer: Use it to extinguish all candles, as it is the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering

- Candle Wick Dipper: Gently plunge a lit wick into the wax melt pool to extinguish it. It also helps prime the wick for future burning.

- Rechargeable Electric Lighter: Designed with safety and convenience in mind, this electric lighter is perfect for lighting candles. Comes with a USB cable. On/Off Safety Switch

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